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“I set out to push myself through the experience of adventure and exploration.

The journey is what fuels me.  

Nature rewards me.

My ambition is to show you Central America  the way I see it everyday.  

Jungle, beaches, sun, waves, wildlife.

This is where my heart beats hardest

Josh Linnes Co-Founder Viva Tropical 


Enjoying the Chiriqui Marine Park just a quick trip From the Adventure Colony on  Boca Chica Island.


“We were thus as safe in our castle as the knights of old, when their drawbridge was raised. We retired to our hammocks free from care, and did not wake til the sun shone brightly in upon us”

The Swiss Family Robinson, Johann David Wyss

The romantic idea of living in a tree-house or going exploring all over an island is just as appealing to me today as it was when I was a boy.

Stepping out of Society is Good for the Soul

This seems even more relevant today. Our lives are so busy that the time we spend outdoors is at an all-time low according to recent studies.

Life has become so complicated that we rarely get to experience the beauty of simplicity.


This is why we invented Adventure Colonies.

They are specifically designed for escaping into wild and beautiful environments.

Adventure Colonies strip out the unnecessary and heighten your experience of nature in a simple and direct way.

You get to be a castaway without the downside.

Spending your days exploring, basking in the sun, and taking the time to enjoy yourself is what you are encouraged to do the second you enter an Adventure Colony.

Moonlit nights spent sitting by the fire, gazing at the stars, and listening to waves crashing on the sandy beach still resonates with people all over the world.

Today, getting stranded on an island is something that probably won’t happen.

It is much more likely for you to be stranded in your daily routines or stuck in “the rat race” than getting shipwrecked on an island for years and years.

Adventure Colonies are meant to be an escape from the rat race and encourage new, daily routines. Simplify your life, increase your relationship with the outdoors, and recharge your mind and body.

This is your opportunity to buy your own escape with access to all the benefits that come with it. To find out more about the benefits just keep reading. 





What Is An Adventure Colony?

An Adventure Colony is the opportunity to own real estate for people who need wild and beautiful places.

They offer a modern spin on Thoreau’s cabin by the pond or Swiss Family Robinson’s life on an island.

We spend countless hours hand-picking locations that offer distinctive natural experiences. Experiences that are meant to amaze and inspire with the unrestrained beauty of tropical nature.

Once we find one of these unique locations we offer a limited number of parcels and lots to be sold to people who appreciate these extraordinary places.

The colonies are built on three concepts

1. Simplify. It’s about you in an unparalleled natural setting without distractions. The focus of every colony is endless leisure in magnificent surroundings.

You don’t need a giant mansion to enjoy nature, which is why we use minimalist design principles to enhance your interaction with the tropical world. It’s not about tourist hotspots, shopping, or package vacation deals. It’s about eliminating distractions so it’s just you and nature, then the experience begins.


2. Recharge. Each Adventure Colony encourages you to escape regular life. Take the time you need to recharge by relaxing, slowing down, and immersing in endless leisure.

Every colony is far enough away from cities, towns, and people to encourage a complete unplugging from everyday life, but close enough that you can always be within two hours of an airport.

3. Escape. Every one needs an escape, they allow you to let go of the old and think about the new. Escaping your regular life is an important step for gaining perspective and resetting what is important to you. It is next to impossible to benefit from this process when you are stuck in auto-pilot cruising through your regular life. Getting away to a completely new environment is your chance to reinvent, recreate, and enjoy. Adventure Colonies are made for this.


How to Buy Property in an Adventure Colony

How to Buy Property in an Adventure Colony


How to Purchase Your Own Retreat

We scout out locations on horseback, in canoes, on foot, even in helicopters to find the right mix of attributes for an Adventure Colony.

Our offering is unique in terms of benefits and lifestyle, but it’s just like any other local real estate transaction when it comes to purchasing property.

Ownership is easy, there are two ways to own property in an Adventure Colony

Purchase Land

This works like any other standard real estate purchase. You own the land and are free to build, hold or sell.

You have the opportunity to own lots and parcels ranging from $39,000 to $2,700,000. Some details vary depending on the country where the property is located.

You’ll also have the opportunity to choose whether or not you want a cabana on the property.  More about that later.

Invest as a Founder

Founder level investment is available in each project enabling you to make money like we do. Founders own a percentage of the project based on their contribution and are entitled to profits based on their percentage of that ownership.  This option has limited availability and is only possible at certain times. Get in touch if you are interested in this option.





Discovering the Adventure Colony Concept

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”
― Henry David Thoreau, Walden: Or, Life in the Woods

Playa Burica was our first Adventure Colony and this is the story of how it came to be.

We spotted Playa Burica on a map of Panama and it looked like it had the makings of an ideal place.

We were looking to buy remote property where we could get away from it all. We wanted our own private retreat and we had heard from others that the Burica Peninsula could be the exact type of place we were looking for.

We decided we would get out there as soon as we could get the preliminary information together.

The Burica peninsula: home of wide open spaces.


A Chance Encounter

A few weeks later I had a chance encounter on a plane with a crazy American guy. It turned out he had bought some property on the same peninsula where Playa Burica is now located.

I jumped at the chance to learn about the area.

He was so animated about how cool the area was and couldn’t tell me enough about what to expect.

He had already told me that there was no road to the end of the peninsula.

“How do people get out to the end if there is no road?” I said.

“They drive down beach at low tide. You have to be careful though, because if you get stuck in the sand your car will get destroyed by the ocean when the tide comes back up,” he said.

“People live out there?” I asked.


“Yeah, there is a little village, a little school, there is even a bus.” (We later found out the “bus” was a full size pick-up where everyone piled in the back.)

Morning sunrise in Burica.

This piqued my interest because if people couldn’t get out to the end easily maybe there was an opportunity to be discovered.

He also said that the area in general is one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen and mentioned one other piece of information that stuck out.

“The sun rises out of the water like on the east coast; it has to be one of the only places on the west coast where that happens. There are some places in the mountains there where you can watch the sunrise out of the ocean in the morning in the east and from the same place watch the sun set into the ocean on the west side.”

I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to get out there to see what it was like for myself.


We Hit Pay Dirt!

During the ensuing months we covered the area, from driving the long beaches on the Costa Rica side, to hiring boats to circumnavigate the peninsula, to hiking through the jungles.

We had confirmed our suspicion. It was the perfect escape for us. We found great options for surfing, fishing, hiking, and other daily adventures from island trips to waterfall hikes.

We narrowed down a stretch of the coast that we thought had the right balance of access, beach front, and usable land.

We had also discovered that the government was about to put in a road all the way to the end. It looked like this area’s inaccessibility was about to change now that there would be a new road.


The Magic of the Wilderness

Now we needed a structure so that we could spend more time out there and not have to bring so many supplies. What we ended up building was the first cabana (which we’ll talk more about later) and it was the perfect structure for hanging out a few weeks at a time.

With a place to stay we started spending much more time in Burica. It became our escape and we would go out there any time we had a chance.

We now had a caretaker, so planning a trip out to Burica was easy. Just make a call to him first and the cabana would magically be set up and ready to go as if we never left, coconuts and all. (By the way, every client of ours can set up a similar arrangement.)

Going to Burica became an addiction, it was so relaxing and calming to spend a week or two.

Going surfing, exploring the Costa Rican coastline, or just walking the trails of the project. The lifestyle was incredible and satisfying. There was barely anyone around and the expectation was you would be alone with only the people you brought with you.


In the jungle you don’t have to go far to see something engaging, like leaf cutter ants working on their trails or whales jumping in the distance. Everything is alive, which makes just sitting and watching an event.

After a few days you settle into the rhythms of the area, awaking with the sun, watching the daily ebb and flow of the tides, maybe seeing the red backed squirrel monkeys traverse the forest canopy in the late afternoons.

On rainy days, just sitting in the hammock and reading for hours while listening to the sound of the rain falling was all you wanted to do. It felt great. In fact, it felt incredible. It was clear that just being there made you feel good.

We started having meetings out there to discuss ideas for Viva Tropical and we always came up with really good stuff.

Great ideas happened so often that we started scheduling trips to Playa Burica when we needed a creative breakthrough.

After a few days in Playa Burica it was hard not to notice how balanced and happy you felt. It was like a magic elixir. You felt rejuvenated, happy, and ready to take on the world.

We wondered why? Was it just our affinity for the area? Was it that we were forced to slow down? Was it just the simplicity of life there?

We began to research whether or not there was a correlation to the outdoors and feeling good. It didn’t take long to stumble onto studies and people studying these exact questions.

It turns out natural environments have incredible powers over the way we feel and our health.





What Is a Cabana?

The idea behind the cabana is minimalistic design that’s aimed at enhancing your experience with your surroundings.

What this means is that we use windows and open spaces to allow you to see the things around you. Through this design you are just as likely to see a monkey while laying in your bed as you are on a hike.

The design is supposed to make you feel like you are outside even when you are inside.

In a warm environment that is always around 26 C or 85 F you can make some design changes that will heighten your experience without sacrificing comfort.


The more layers that are removed between you and the outdoors, the easier it is to watch and enjoy the wonders of these unique locations.

A traditional house cuts us off from interacting with what is around us. This is obviously a positive thing for neighbors and colder climates.

But if you are in a safe and natural environment, the priorities can change to allow the outside to be experienced from inside.

The design changes the way you live because there is so much to see happening around you in an Adventure Colony. You can just sit for hours watching storms blow across the sea or checking out hummingbirds zipping around their favorite flowers.

What you will see on a daily basis would be hard to duplicate without a trip to the zoo back home.


Cabanas Have Many Variations

There are several different designs to choose from and you can pick whatever building style you want. Buyers can customize their cabanas to work for them, usually based on how often they are using it.

We are also working with architects to continue to push the cabana concept into new directions.

The Lookout Lounge.  This was designed to be a hang out area to be used with a cabana, it can be modified to work as studio cabana.


Lot 12 Playa Burica. The first day of week-long trip.

Boca Chica Island is different from Playa Burica and the cabanas and planning reflect this difference. And our coming projects in Costa Rica and Ecuador will have their own specialized design to reflect the unique nature of those locations.

Playa Burica offers our most rustic option; the open air design works well out there and can always be modified for an owner’s specific needs.

Boca Chica Island is different. The plan there is for each owner to have a great deal of their own space, so there are larger parcels and the cabana design can be really flexible depending on how an owner wants to design their own place.

Cabanas vary widely in terms of design, they range from rustic open air dwellings to more refined with quartz counter tops and stainless appliances.


Bring Your Friends and Family

Cabanas are meant to be social places enjoyed by your closest friends. It could be the site of an unforgettable business meeting or a place to reconnect with yourself or your family.

Current owners always talk about how much fun it is to share the experience with others and look forward to passing it on from generation to generation.





Now We Need Our Own Island

Playa Burica was a smash hit and is almost completely sold out (though we did manage to hold back a few great parcels for the end). We learned there were people in the world looking for an Adventure Colony experience.

When clients experienced Playa Burica, they left with a permanent and happy memory.

This excited us beyond belief. We could pursue our passions while sharing the benefits with others who treasured those same values.

We began to put together a plan that we could follow to create more of these experiences.

In our previous explorations, we had covered the entire Pacific Coast of Central America all the way to Southern Ecuador in South America. There were a handful of locations that we loved and would make perfect places to create more Adventure Colonies.


Boca Chica Island

Imagine a private, 400 acre, jungle-covered island.

Wouldn’t that be one of the best locations for an Adventure Colony?

An ancient rain forest with trees as wide as several men would be a surreal place to experience nature in an unparalleled way.

Boca Chica Island in the distance.


An Island Adventure Colony Was Our Next Step

There are so many examples of beautiful places being destroyed by poor planning. The concept of the Adventure Colony encourages preservation of the environment.

By definition the people who are attracted to these places care about nature and they are committed to protecting it.

A colony is a low impact way to enjoy and protect what have become far too rare: wild beautiful places.

We had learned many lessons in Burica and set out to duplicate the successful ones on Boca Chica Island.

The Lucky 20 – an Exclusive Club

Around 20 people will be able to own the island. Our plan has never been about gated communities, cookie cutter houses, or even paved roads.

It is about meshing the incredible, natural environment with minimalistic design to bring people closer to nature.

After all, what good is discovering an ancient jungle if you are just going to cut it down to create space to live there. This is would be an unwanted side effect if we pursued traditional methods of developing.


The Surrounding Area

As mentioned before, each colony location has been hand-picked because of a beauty that begs to be explored. To make this work, each project has to be located in an area that can be explored.

Playa Mystica, the beach on Boca Chica Island.

The larger area surrounding the colony needs to offer a world-class outdoor experience to enjoy. This transforms the colony into your personal basecamp for exploration.

Boca Chica Island boasts an enormous area to be explored for years to come. Hop on a paddleboard and explore the incredible mangrove forests or go sailing around the local region.

The most popular day trip is at the Chiriqui Marine Park where there are several uninhabited islands just waiting to have their palm-lined, white sand beaches explored. Pack up your snorkel and some food and spend the day lounging in the sun.

If you like fishing you couldn’t pick a better area, over 50 IGFA records have been established in the waters around Boca Chica Island. The most well known destination is the Hannibal Bank which lies about 25 miles offshore from Boca Chica Island.

Boca Chica Island is a very private place, but it is also near the town of Boca Chica. If you need to get back to civilization you can take a boat about 15 minutes away for a nice dinner in a restaurant overlooking the other islands.





True Independence Is Your Own System

Uncouple from Large Systems and Gain True Independence

Owning in an Adventure Colony is also about preserving your independence and becoming self-reliant.

It used to be that each country was more or less a system unto itself. The supply chain and economic systems were reliant on what happened within the country’s borders.

Slowly that has changed to a globalized system.

Now what happens in another country will impact our daily lives, even if we are separated by thousands of miles.

A fallen economy in Europe can put the larger world economic system at risk. Drought in an African country can raise the price of coffee beans at the cash register in North America. Or an electrical grid failure in Canada knocks out power in the Eastern U.S.


Most of us are at risk from large systems failing. Whether it be the government, the economy, or the power grid, system failures can impact our lives negatively.

Large, complex systems are good for scales of economy but when we become over-reliant on them, a hiccup in that system can really wreak havoc in our lives.  Or worse, put us in danger.

The sub-prime loan crisis was a great example of this. The entire economic system crashed very quickly because its complexity, which led to suffering as a result of underestimated risk.  Now the rest is history as we climb back out.

Another example of our reliance on larger systems is how we get our food. Most of us by our food from the grocery store, but if there is an issue with the gas and oil and trucks can’t refuel, then they couldn’t deliver food and we could starve.

This seems pretty ridiculous, but it is a possibility.  Given how easy it is to produce your own food and how little space you need, why not do it?

Considering how we fit into these systems, it is easy to realize that if you don’t want to be a slave to them you can choose another way.

One of those ways is to simplify and create your very own system and regain your independence.

Two of the most obvious steps are generating your own power and food. Again it’s surprising how easy it really is and with cheap labor. The sky is the limit to what you can do on an acre of land.

Adventure Colonies were created for people to do just that. By design they are located on the edge of large serviced areas like cities, towns, and airports. But they are far enough away that one can live completely independently of those places.

They are also in fertile sunny locations near the equator where it’s warm and easy to live.

Imagine having your own well or small community water system, generating your own power with off-grid technology, and producing your own food.

All of this can be done in any one of our Adventure Colony Projects.

You can get some independence and create a place that is entirely outside the larger systems and have control over the very basic needs in your life.

It is a fun and very gratifying process, especially when you share it with friends and loved ones.

Financially it makes sense too.  A little known benefit is that just making the investment outside your own country places some of your funds offshore, giving all the benefits to you.

This can be extremely beneficial to you for several reasons since it is an offshore investment. Offshore investments open up a world of privacy, lower liability, and gives greater control over your taxes. The kind of benefits that make most people wide-eyed after hearing how it works.

If you would like to learn more about these benefits be sure to pick up a free copy of our Offshore Strategy, A Users Guide.




The Family Heads Out to Boca Chica Island

We arrived in David, Panama and went to the store to get supplies for the trip. We weren’t going to be on Boca Chica Island long, but we were all excited to shed our normal schedules and spend some time together. The captain met us at the port and helped us load our goods and luggage into the boat. The kids were excited to get out to the island. The novelty of speeding through mangroves out into the Bay is something that never gets old.

They were already planning their adventures. It seemed that fishing was the first on the list followed by swimming, finding Dart Frogs, then getting coconuts.

Once we arrived, the caretaker unloaded and took our supplies up to the house.

We decided to skip fishing for now and go down to Playa Mystica, the beach area on the island and go swimming. There were a bunch of crabs on the beach and the water was really clear that day. In between making sand castles, jumping in the water to cool off, my wife went on her maiden voyage on the paddleboard.

She paddled out into the bay as she built up her confidence keeping balanced on the board. She loved it and was excited to try it again soon.

The sun was setting so we signaled the captain and packed ourselves into the Panga for the quick trip home. We all went to bed early, tired from the day’s activities.


Day 2

The first morning, after being rudely awakened by the sounds of Howler Monkeys outside our windows we made some coffee. Enjoying the moment, we just sat around all morning slowly sipping the strong Panamanian brew enjoying the view.

Islands have such special qualities. On one hand they are hard to reach. But on the other, that is what makes being out there so protected and secure.

Being on the island you feel like you have permission to relax and enjoy it. There is no rush to do anything. You can just let the day unfold.

The kids really love not having every moment scheduled. They explore the island and run around the decks of the cabana.

There Is No Need to Rush, Ever


Someone discovered a praying mantis on the door and we all gathered around to see it. Having the time to share this experience with the family was really satisfying.

It was time to do a little foraging, so we grabbed some bags and headed out behind the house for mangos and avocados. There are several fruit trees that drop way more fruit than you can possibly eat. There is something special about gathering our own food right from the source. With bags overflowing we were stocked for making as much guacamole as we could possibly handle.

The sun would be gone soon so we we went fishing off the dock, and jumped in the water to cool off. Unfortunately we didn’t catch anything, but a group of dolphins swam by and that was really cool.

Day 3

The next morning we were torn between a repeat of yesterday morning or a little more adventure.

The kids won out with adventure, so we headed out to the Marine Park about 20 minutes away. It’s a park with several uninhabited islands that you can go out to and lounge around on the amazing white sand beaches. Exploring them and finding your favorite places is a process that is enjoyable to undertake.

One of the most fun day trips from Boca Chica Island for sure. Lounging in the sun amidst the coconut palms or going snorkeling at one of the coral reefs is a classic tropical experience. After spending the day in the water and enjoying the sun, we headed home exhausted.

My son wanted to do an evening paddle before dark, so he and I jumped onto my paddle-board and went for the short paddle around Castillo Rock, a little tiny island/reef just across from Boca Chica Island.

We explored it a little bit, climbing up some rocks and looking for any signs of wildlife. I saw my wife waving and knew it was time to go home and eat dinner.


Time to Head Home

It was a short trip. The next morning we had to head back to Costa Rica where we live since school was starting again. No one really spoke much on the boat ride back, it seemed everyone was relaxed and happy as we watched birds diving into the water in search of food.

In a busy world, true luxury is to let go of all our commitments and enjoy being together and sharing an adventure. My wife and I discussed how extravagant it felt to just sit around all morning drinking coffee watching the sun rise higher in the sky without a care in the world.

Island life is great in that you really are away from it all which makes it easier to let go and recharge. The kids were happy as always, and they keep asking when we are going to go back.

I tell them not soon enough.


Sharing an adventure can be one of the most memorable events in our lives. From hiking a new trail to summiting a mountain, if it’s a new experience and with someone else that is all it takes to create a lasting memory.

I’m reminded of an adventure I shared with my good friend a few years ago.

The adventure brought us feelings of danger, elation, satisfaction, and gratefulness. These are feelings we want available to everyone who spends time in an Adventure Colony.





Why Buying Property in an Adventure Colony Is a Great Investment

Adventure is an important ingredient if you want to live a fulfilling life.

But adventure, excitement, and thrilling are words probably best kept away from investment and saved for life experiences.

Buying property, even property you will live on, is definitely an investment. Investments should be pretty boring and predictable. A place to put your hard-earned money that will return more money in the future.

Before you decide to buy anything in Central America you want to know that at the very least it won’t lose money and at best will allow you profit should you decide to sell.

So are Adventure Colonies good investments?

In short, yes.



We Have Been at This for a Long Time

For those who like a little more detail let me explain how we know the answer to that question.

When you first read Adventure Colony, you are seeing the very last part of an incredibly long process that started about 20 years ago on a beach in Dominical, Costa Rica.

It was then that while living in a shack with no windows on the beach and surfing everyday that I made the fateful decision to buy my first piece of property in Central America.  It was a little farm up in the hills behind the beach.

Don’t worry I am not going to ask you to read a biographical account starting 20 years ago, the point is that farm got me started as a professional real estate investor. Since then that is all I have done every day, with the exception of a couple of summer jobs in my early 20’s.

This is the view from the first piece of property I purchased about 20 years ago just outside Dominical, Costa Rica.

I have been learning how to invest in Central America for 20 years.  Learning how to find deals, how to create value, where to look, and what to look out for.

Before a project becomes an Adventure Colony, it has to fit the model that Park and I have developed after years of living, scouting, and learning about the region.

As you have seen in this book, part of the way we buy property revolves around look and feel.

A combination of attributes that inspire people to live in nature is extremely important to us, but we couldn’t keep doing what we are doing if we didn’t also have firm grasp on the business side.

Developing a Model for Investment

Before we even buy a piece of property it has to fit our definition of a good investment. This means months and months of searching, planning, and rigorously challenging the idea of why should we buy “This” property over any others.

How is that good for you?

Great question!  First we buy based on market stages, a system we developed to make comparisons between perspective markets in Central America.

We needed a system to give us a framework for comparing towns, opportunities, and customers.

Deciding on investing in established, more competitive locations or taking a chance on an up-and-coming area is critical and only one of many considerations we have to make.

Here Is Why You Know an Adventure Colony Is a Good Investment

If you like details then you will love this

What really excites us is a Stage 2 market that is about to transition to a Stage 3 market. We have found this is the absolute best time to buy land as it increases in value the quickest during this transition.

This can happen based on larger trends like new infrastructure; for example, new roads, airports, or other projects in the area.

Not only does this way of thinking benefit us, it benefits you.

If you choose to buy in an Adventure Colony you are benefiting from what we believe is an area poised for growth. It has already been through the kind of scrutiny only the best opportunities we see make it through.

This means the pieces are in place for an area to jump to the next stage and by definition that means more buyers and higher land prices when it happens.

You don’t want to be late here or you will miss your opportunity to buy right.

Based on our track record it is pretty safe to say we know what we are doing. (If you want to read about our investment philosophy you can download Pay Dirt! here)

This is 20 years of learning distilled down to a Free 50 page e-book.

A New International Airport Is Coming with Direct Flights Daily

Currently both of our Adventure Colonies are poised to benefit from a new international airport in David, Panama.

$29 million has already been invested into the expansion of the airport and now it is only a matter of time before direct flights arrive in David from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

I am sure you can imagine how that could impact the scales of supply and demand in the area.

When You Know What Is Coming It Is Easy to Make Smart Investments

Guess what? We knew this was happening before we bought the projects. We also heard that a new road was getting built to our Playa Burica project before we bought and it is now done.

It is a dirt road, but for the first time you can drive all the way to the property without driving an hour and half down the beach. (Which is what we had to do when we first bought.)

These larger developing trends benefit all of us from the investment perspective.

From the pristine wilderness perspective these trends are a little troubling, but if we can attract enough people who really love these areas as they are today, we think they can be incredible for centuries to come.




Why the Way You Use Technology is All Wrong

Our view is that Technology should enable us to be more free. The fact that you can work from anywhere is a chance to experience something new. The boundaries of work don’t have to be cubicles.

We are only limited by our imagination and for now, our network connections. In this regard, the third world is remarkably wired now so you can conduct business as usual.

Technology can keep us anchored to work if we let it, emails at all hours, even turning previous alone time into work time, like a morning commute.

In a world of analytics and high productivity, the results of our work is more important than where we work.

Who cares if you just hit send while you were paddling a kayak? They are never going to know where you were, well at least until someone figures out how to attach emotion to an email.

Heading back from a client trip to Boca Chica Island.

And even if that does happen you will be sending the happiest emails to reach any inbox. Working while you are in an Adventure Colony can feel absurd when you consider what you are doing when you hit send.

So adventure colonies are a great place to leverage technology. Who doesn’t want to work from a private island in Panama? One of the best parts, when you take a break from work is what you will do? Go swimming in the ocean, paddle around the island, or even summit an active volcano.

We can allow technology to enable our adventures if we do it right.


Working in an Adventure Colony, if You can Call it Work.

Workspace at Boca Chica Island

We spent months of the last few years working on creative projects in these locations.

Being away from distractions makes for very focused and productive time spent getting things done.

Boca Chica Island has internet connectivity, which makes it really easy to work in the jungle. Playa Burica has internet access about a mile away and on the property if you have a signal amplifier.

One of the reasons we work hard is to be able to play hard. These two things can become indistinguishable in an Adventure Colony, a problem we are happy to experience.





What’s Next?

We know Adventure Colonies are not the right fit for many of you. Some people don’t think nature and the outdoors is an important part of their life. 

For those that a need an escape to recharge and relax an Adventure Colony could be just the solution. So what is the next step?

The truth is that this is probably only the beginning of a journey for you.  For most, this is a new and exciting concept.  You’ll have lots of questions that will range from the basic to the complex.  

We understand that because we’ve been in your shoes.  

And we’re more than happy to help you walk through the process.  Strike up a conversation with us over email or telephone and we’re happy to point you to the answers.

If this idea resonates with you and you want to make sure that an Adventure Colony is part of your future then you should probably check out the package deals only available in this book. 


“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity…”
― John Muir

Exclusive Offers for Adventure Colony Readers

Exclusive Offers for Adventure Colony Readers


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About the Authors


2002 through 2006 were good times for real estate investors. And during those years the Emerging Terrains founders, Park Wilson & Josh Linnes, were able to amass a portfolio of over 200 real estate transactions in both commercial & residential sectors, with valuations well into 8 figures.

But in 2006, they began to notice that investment fundamentals no longer made sense. The market was awash in capital and prices had been pushed through the ceiling. This signaled the time to exit.

Also during this time, the founders were increasingly disillusioned with the North American market in general. A lawsuit addicted society, government spending that was growing wildly out of control, and increasingly authoritative restrictions that seized the sovereignty that they had over their own fortune. At the end of the day, they hated that ever increasing loss of freedom.

Josh had been investing in Costa Rica for 10 years, so at his suggestion they decided to broaden their scope for investments and investigate opportunities abroad. After 9 months of due diligence, they landed on Panama as an ideal place for investment.

With its Canal expansion underway, billions flowing in foreign direct investment, and a real estate market that was the darling of the international media for North American retirees, Panama was and is an obvious choice.

After several scouting trips, the founders packed up their families and moved to the region and founded Viva Tropical.

Viva Tropical

Since that time they have scouted more than 3 million acres of property, driven the Pacific Coast on investment scouting trips from Mexico to Ecuador, purchased 8 miles of coastline, completed a successful real estate project in Panama, and most recently, created Viva Tropical, the fastest growing online magazine for living and investing abroad.

Park and Josh have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and others.

They currently have a large and satisfied investor pool of individuals with a net-worth of $3M+ who enjoy the benefit of owning land in Latin America without the hassle of managing it on a daily basis.

Learn more about Park & Josh at or email them directly.